Monday, September 24, 2007

24th September 2007

Damn it if I can work out what you look like. I just can’t sort it out in my mind. Your Mum and I are both anglo, you will be pale skinned definitely (do NOT try getting a tan). We are not overly freckled but your Grandfather and Great Grandfather Keith were a bit. I wonder if you will get the beautiful high cheek bones of your mother. Will you get my thin nose or the Baker wide nostrils? Will you get my spare tyre which I doubt will ever go (Grandpa Keith was thin as a rake and still had spare tyre). Will you hair be soft and straight like mine or curly like your Mums. We both have nice legs. Nice bums! I’m not sure what else there is that is distinctive really. I think I am an eye piercer, meaning I can bore into other people with my eyes. My eyes give everything away. Your Mum does the best greasies in the world. We are both pretty sharp characters though and that is what matters. The Keith’sare an artistic and clever bunch generally, in that there are no psychological issues that I am aware of. No depression or schizophrenia etc. My cousins on that side are mostly very intelligent scholastically. Mums side are the same mostly as well. I think genetically we are a fairly safe pairing in other words. You will need to look out for breast lumps REGULARLY from an early age as a high priority. Unfortunately you will need to be extremely careful about this. Your great Auntie has had a full mastectomy because she kept finding lumps. All the girls have to be damn careful. Oh and diabetes is a problem on the Baker side.