Wednesday, September 19, 2007

19th September 2007

Im sitting here at work at 8:35 and I just remembered I dreamed of you. I cant remember a damn thing about the dream now which is annoying. I have never had a dream about a baby before. Im sure last nights parenting class at the hospital effected me quite deeply. They showed a video (well more a photo collage) of a woman giving birth and the man guiding his baby out which is exactly what I want to do. He had his shirt off too which was so hilariously hippy. Damn I wish I could remember some of that dream. There are vague memories of holding you but that’s it. Have I mentioned that I have been attending more gigs than I have in years? The timing is good. Im doing this Podcast with Matt and we have a featured artist of the week so I have actually been going to see them live. There has been some great ones too. Kancoban and Jessica Paige particularly. In fact we are off to see Jessica tonight at Manchester Lane in the City. I have been going to her open mic nights after hearing about them. I have been wanting to do this for ages so I have finally done what I have waited years to try again. I can see why people get the bug once they start gigging, I wanted to just keep playing. The ideal thing for me would be to get an Americana band together. Im thinking of doing this in a few years, I think I will have more important things to enjoy for a while I reckon.

Just in case I forget myself, look up Karl Pilkington and listen to the Podcasts of him and Ricky Gervais, so funny. Here is one of his poems -

Bubbled wallpaper
What a mess
Washer Dryer knackered
What a mess
Siamese twins separated
One leg less

About me kidneys
For Gods sake
Me belly ache
The doctor said its me kidney
He said hes gotta stick a tube up me knob
I said you gotta be kidding me
For Gods sake
Knob ache