Thursday, September 13, 2007

13th September 2007

We went to our first Parenting/Birth class last night. She was excellent. There was a 50/50 mix of younger and older parents. Not much to tell really. I was fascinated with the video that highlighted how and when you get a babies attention. It all comes down to using your brain and not being lazy minded when observing the child. You shouldn't watch a baby like you watch television, all blank and mindless. You need to keep an eye out for patterns. I'm not sure that would get along with anyone in this group. One of the ladies was nice . Her husband Izzy was English/Indian and about as interesting as old grout in a shower. This seems to be a common thing when you look for new friends or if old friends find someone new. The partner can be an absolute bore or worse. I have heaps of examples in our life. In fact I think Reba and Randy are both equally as interesting and dynamic and that's about it. Your Mum and I are an interesting study. As you should know, your Mother cannot stop talking. So when it comes to social situations, although I am a very sociable person I often find myself becoming withdrawn because I don't get to speak. We have spoken about this which is what couples should do and she was able to notice it herself once I told her. You would be surprised how many couples do not talk about this sort of stuff. It is also interesting to note just how many friends have fallen by the wayside over the last 20 odd years. You may see us now and think we have a small circle of friends, and we probably still do. But we have either ditched or been ditched over the years probably because you are not getting what you need from the relationship. I think you also get to the stage that you don't have so much free time and you therefore refine your relationships to the point where you only keep friendships that are working for you and are considerate of you.