Friday, September 21, 2007

21st September 2007

Your Mum just got a call from Edie and they are going out to lunch in Canterbury. Her transition from busy teacher to society get-about was a short and smooth one it seems. The babies would be loving this change of circumstances, going in to bed with her each morning for cuddles and a nap after all that sleeping at night caper. They are the sweetest girls in the world and the reaction you get when you arrive home or just calling them into the bedroom is one of pure joy. When Mum comes down to the station sometimes to pick me up I usually call her to warn her. She says every time the phone rings at this part of the day she looks questioningly up at Mum asking if it’s me. If its not she says no not yet Pips, to which Pips tail drops in disappointment. When it is me calling and Mum says yes its time to pick Daddy up, well the girls go crazy and Carns starts to whimper. The looks on their faces when I walk up the car just melt your heart. You take what you can get because once you get a bit older that excitement will start to wane, until one day I just get a shout out from the bedroom. Hey, this is just the way it is when you grow up. But I have to say there is nothing more special you can do for another person than just being excited when you see them.
I wonder how you will be at school. I did not do so well because I did not concentrate and had no work ethic. I recall being worried at the end of each year wondering if I was going to fail the year and stay down. It wasn't until I moved to your Mums school that I did better. That was after I had established a routine. I think your Mum will be great with homework. She was always a girly squat.