Monday, October 1, 2007

01st October 2007

I wrote a song about you. There is a little poetic license in there, like your name!! I was a little cheeky using it when we hadn’t decided yet but I couldn't help myself. It works so well in the lyric. Its also one of the strongest songs I have written as well. It’s funny how important experience is to writing. The first line - 'every time I think of you my heart just stalls' popped into my head because I have been getting odd palpitations now and then. My best songs come from subjects I am emotionally connected to. When thinking of your name I cannot help but imagine how it would look on a book. Is it a good author’s name? Well I can tell you that we are almost decided on Emily Keith. Can you believe after reading your Mums first reaction that it would still be around? I loved it from the start. It just works for me on every level. I even like the literary flavour - E. Keith. That's nice. I just can’t imagine you being very sporty, only because it’s not a priority for us. I know that I will be pushing you to sing, write and paint. None of these guarantee a comfortable lifestyle though do they, so I will also make sure you have a direction to aim for that will earn you good money. Then again you may know exactly what you want. I hope you find a job you can be passionate about however that is extremely rare.
We had a car accident on Friday. Some idiot kid ran into the back of us while we were stopped at a light. Obviously we needed to go to the hospital to ensure you were ok. We got to see you again for a bit. Again this nurse also said you were cute. Your hands were flapping around again and you were less see through now your bones are becoming denser and you are putting on weight. We can see you now pushing on Mums stomach. I need to capture it on video. I have also recorded your Mum for one video diary entry so far. It's a trial getting her to do it. She doesn't like being in front of a camera.