Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Carpenters and keeping your cool

I have too many blogs on the go. I’m keeping a couple until I can work out how to sync them so if one stuffs up I will have a backup. Also last week I put a photo of your Mum and I in my wallet for the first time ever I think. Before that I had a picture of Sadie and then I had Brian Wilson and a picture of me at school (only pics I could find the right size and it amused me. I called him my son). I just told your Mum that she can be unsentimental like her Mum is. I was relating it back to her not writing a diary for your sake. And here I am putting in a couple photos for the first time after 15 years. I think we can be sentimental about some things and not others I guess.

You are still on track, the right size and heartbeat. You are kicking about like mad and its not hard to feel you or even see all the various lumps over mums misshapen tummy. I keep singing The Carpenters Close to you at the moment because I want you to remember a melody. You go a bit quiet when I sing to you, lets hope that works later. Your Mum is still tooing and froing over our name. She has been trawling through websites and coming up with nothing. I told her that its more about her always finding a fault, actively seeking out a fault in things. My brain simply does not work that way. She drives me nuts over the pergola out the back and how she doesn’t like this and that. I am trying to give you a name that can change with you, one that gives you plenty of options. I love that Emily is so fluid and graceful.

She is so funny your Mum. She is off swimming today at Jan’s place. I think she only has shorts and a t-shirt, like some fat little kid at a public pool. LOL. I would love to see her floating around the water with that tum popping out of the water.

I have had a bad day at work today. I have had a run in with one of my co-workers and she was extremely rude over the phone, aggressive and short and also mocking. I was not impressed. I do not handle this kind of thing any where near as well as your Mother. She is incredible in sticking up for herself. She doesn’t get phased. I tend to get red faced and dwell on things.