Friday, November 2, 2007

02nd November 2007

I asked your Mum to make a contribution to the diary and this is what I got - "My boobs have got bigger. I am aware of you the entire day now. I get cramps in my calves". Well I did spring it on her I guess. Plus it is all very true. It is actually quite hard to think of anything to write regarding how she is going. She is just doing really well and about the only thing that is different is that she cant lift things. She has been for checkups and you are head down at the moment which is fantastic news. We went to a class last night which gave me some good information on what I can do to help during the labour. We need to start thinking about making up a bag with everything we want. I am collating music to play which will mainly be classical. We just have to think of things that will make her more comfortable. Last night in bed I was humming to you. I realised that rather than repeating the same song I should just humm melodies to you now because that is what I will be doing later. I do it for myself all the time. I did it with Sadie too.