Thursday, November 8, 2007

Whistle while you walk and knit

Jan came over with her boy yesterday for a walk. I was at home so we all went down to the local park and walked alongside the creek there. Your Mum is doing amazing for this far along going for these longer walks up and down hills. Before we went Jan thrust her boy Jo at me and went off talking girl talk. I put him on the couch and he was happily playing with the stiching and rolling back and forth. I started to sing little melodies to him and caught his attention. He then started to laugh every time I repeated a phrase. Its wonderful when you can get the attention of a baby and keep it for a while. I hope this works with you as well. Tough if you don’t because I just cant help doing it.

We got some lovely knitted clothes from your Great Grandpas sister a few days ago and she found a picture of my Mums christening. Its such a lovely shot and anything new I have not seen of Mum is priceless. So it gave me a good idea to put others pictures up on the wall as well. Us, Sadie, your grandparents etc.

Here's a great line from Allen Ginsberg - 'If we don't show anyone - we're free to write anything'.