Tuesday, August 28, 2007

28th August 2007

Today I bought 'What to expect the first year'. I am feeling under prepared for your arrival. There has been much controversy regarding circumcision lately so I am glad that I don't have to think about that one, although I would never have it done on my son. I got the book more for vaccination discussion, possible things to watch out for regarding health and learning etc. Thankfully it is targeted to Australia (or altered). I can just imagine a Mormon what to expect book. It would be one page and all it would say is "trust all things to God". That brings me to a real crisis your Mother and I need to discuss in detail; religion. I have no idea what to do about this. I was brought up a Christian and I see many positives to this approach. It provided a moral compass for you, it helps you to stick to what you know is right. On the other hand the religion poses more questions than it answers, I know, I asked. These guys always have a very studies answer and the answers are usually without substance. There is also our Yoga which would have been an option had you been born five years ago. My experiences there were also two sided except here I felt a real lack of community while the detailed answers where there in abundance. I don't want to just leave this up to me to teach you morals and spirituality because much of this is gained in experience and particularly unpleasant ones. I should also consider that my approach worked well with Sadie. I was her main spiritual guide as she grew up and so I was able to offer alternatives to the rhetoric of Christian doctrine which she got from the same sources I did as a kid. I think that I will not send you to Church but I would like you to have some Christian peers to learn good habits from. I have to tell you though that the real churchies end up becoming such nerds and personality black holes. This is not a golden rule; after all we have close friends of ours who are Church goers, but sweet Jesus their friends? Like glazed donuts with bad haircuts.