Tuesday, August 14, 2007

14th August 2007

I haven’t mentioned my two girls yet have I. I have had a lot of dogs in my life, but these two are something special. Carns is obsessed with me. I have never experienced that kind of adoration before. She stares at me with such love. From the moment we met it was like that. Your Mum went and picked up Pips the day before, God she was so cute, a little black puff ball full of energy. You will have to ask Mum about that meeting. I had seen her before that and we both just loved her. She is the quintessential loyal dog. She always wants to please us; she behaves herself and is such a baby. We carry her round on her back and she just flops like a rag doll, so trusting. We said that we can imagine you dressing her up in dolls clothes and her just lying back with her eyes closed in a pram. When we are out she is always on the lookout for danger and if a Doberman were to attack one of us she would be in there defending us. Its interesting because she is the bottom of the pack hierarchy. I’m at the top (im the disciplinarian, you probably worked that out by now), Carns thinks she is second, then Mum then Pips. When big dogs get close Carns does the opposite, she takes off. I would imagine that is her trusting that I can take care of things. I make that very clear as pack leader that I am in control and its not up to them to take that on, maybe its just Pips way I just don't know. She is so dominant once we get out of the house. When we went to see Carns there was no promise that she would be letting us take her home. In fact she was set to be a breeder. Her sister was a bit smaller and had long hair but we didn't really see her. I was looking for a chocolate short hair which she didn't have but we wanted to go see anyway. She brought little Carns in, so very small, she had never been out of the pen before so as soon as she hit the ground she was off running around, so excited to have new things to look at. See how soon personality asserts itself. She ran down a corridor and there was a mirror on the ground, she saw herself and started barking. She was sooooo cute. The lady then picked her up and sat down. She went to pass her to Mum but she said that it was really going to be my dog, so she passed her to me. I put her on my lap and then she looked up to my face. Our eyes met and it was like love at first sight. We just stared at each other for about a minute or two and then all of a sudden the lady said "ok she's available if you want her". How could she separate us! I know these two girls more than I have known the others because we can communicate so much more. I am older and we did puppy school and obedience training. It teaches you to communicate at a much deeper level. It is freaky how much I can work out just from a look. They can come down often to say hello when im in the office and then one visit I will know they are asking for dinner. I will say "soon" and they understand. It’s amazing. When Pips has a dag on her bum she gives us this look of "yuk, help me please im a mess". I wonder if it will have been that easy with you! I just read about no nappy method, where you learn to notice the trigger for potty time and take the baby off to the toilet. Im willing to give it a go.
Heard Nick Lowe today for the first time, i like his stuff.

Reading book 4 of Tomorrow series - i loved this - "Love could overcome all those stupid misunderstandings; that if someone really loved you, they knew what was in your heart and it didn’t matter if you made mistakes. They looked past your words and read your heart".