Thursday, August 9, 2007

09th August 2007

I went out with Sadie and her boyfriend Das last night to check out an open mic night at the Cornish Arms. Oh dear was that a bad idea. Two freaks walk on stage, one looked like a refugee from the Russian revolution and played extremely bad violin and the other dressed like he was some jazz bohemian with bandanna, sunglasses and an CLARINET. He walked on stage with a little notebook and I just groaned. "Oh God hes brought his manifesto". What proceeded could not be called music, scattered amongst the warbling clarinet and the screeching violin was a
spattering of bad poetry. Something like -

Streets blacken like my mind
Thoughts churn like running motors
Gears running down
I long for sleep

The first opportunity we had to take off we did. This guy was more
about feeding his ego with cool vibes than doing anything meaningful. I
get really annoyed when its about image. It shows a lack of humility
and wisdom. I realise that image plays a part in music however it needs
to be balanced with some semblance of honesty and vulnerability. Dylan
understands this well.

Sadie was comparing our faces again last night. She has always been a
bit concerned about that. Its important for her that we look alike. The
fact that we are so similar in so many ways does not make her feel any
better. Not all siblings look alike but with a half brother sister
situation it makes it that much more important that we look like each
other. I actually do see me and Mum especially in her face, and her
voice. The other sides genes are strong in features when you look at all the
cousins etc. She doesn't ever have to question my connections with
her. We came from the same womb, we share the same values and humour.
She is one of the most important people in my world. I think she knows
that. So make sure you tell your Aunty to get over herself!

Next week, how to make your whites their whitest.