Friday, August 24, 2007

24th August 2007

I have been spending so much time looking to my past I have not really mentioned anything happening now. It’s probably because nothing much is happening really. Your Mum is getting bigger but you are so low down she could almost get away with it if she wore a big jumper or something. I felt you kick again this morning and I played you Hank Williams for the first time on Saturday. You went very quiet when Hank started, I wonder if that was out of interest or disgust! We are going to a different place for the next scan, again. We have not been happy with any of them really. So have I mentioned names yet? As far as I can tell here are the three in your Mums order of preference - Ruby, Maggie, Molly. I think we will just have to wait and see your personality when you pop out. If you were a boy I was thinking Harry or Rory (lots of ee's isnt there).

It’s so hard to picture you still. After all you are still just a little squirmy wormy so it’s hard to picture that as becoming a real person. Your Mum is completely obsessed with her tum, she has her hands on it all day and all night so she can feel you causing a ruckus inside her. She said it’s like someone blowing bubbles inside her. It’s amazing to think that you are moving around there right near her spine, you are pushing all her innards up into her chest. You are now past the half way mark, that's hard to fathom. After all I am fairly responsibility free at the moment. I can do what I want when I want. Others keep remarking on how much your life is about to change like it's a warning. They don't get me at all. I love change, it has never been hard for me to make changes to suit the situation. I may not have as much time and freedom but look at what is taking its place, you! How could that be anything but a pleasure? I am glad we waited until we were a bit older. So many people who have kids young have not sorted their personal shit out and so they pass it on to the kids and then have a breakdown when they hit 50, get divorced, buy a Porche and date young thangs. The likelihood of me having a mid life crisis is extremely low, but we must be vigilant, constant vigilance Harry!

So this is your parents at this stage, both happy, healthy and eager to begin the next phase, the next chapter. We have bought all your bits and pieces now, cots, change tables, the whole kit and caboodle.

Listening to The Jayhawks - Blue, reading Connie Willis - To say nothing of the dog. Finished the classic Tomorrow series.