Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bill Henson over for dinner

Dear Daughter,

I have learnt this week that becoming friends with Bill Henson can be a dangerous thing indeed unless you like the idea of your child getting national coverage with her face and nude body splashed over every newpaper. It was discovered also that the model is a Melbournian, which means that there are many people out there who will recognise her face. Putting aside the artistic merit of nude child photography one cant help but feel like these parents have just opened this girl up to some major school bullying and sexual taunts in the coming year. Perhaps they should have thought of THAT when they were gushing over the idea of their child becoming immortalised.

Can i suggest to the parents that Guatemala is lovely this time of year.

It is a mans world they say, but im not sure this is my idea of the perfect world. I think misogynist world is the more appropriate term. You have to wonder if these same guys would find the 'art' in Bill's photos.

And finally, let art that retains its innocence speak for itself.

Damn i still feel like we havent balanced things out here, its time to bring in the big guns. The proponents of all that is good, strong and fair about the opposite sex.

Love Dad
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