Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Scribbit's Write-away contest

Scribbit's Blog is running a write-away contest with the topic "My favorite day". I thought i might add this Post as my entry. Hope you like.

My favorite day has not occurred yet. Some people would say "you can’t have a favorite day if it’s in the future you silly man", but all I can say to that is pish posh. The day I am referring to is the birth of my daughter, which by all accounts is set to be Christmas day 2007 (and no we are not calling her Holly). There are those detractors and nay sayer’s out there who smugly like to remind me that there is no guarantee of things going according to plan; that all kinds of problems can arise and that you must be prepared for anything. Well duh! I have never been under the misapprehension that anything in life is guaranteed; I certainly do not recall signing a contract on the non-proliferation of bad times before becoming a twinkle in my Dad's eye. For you to fully appreciate what joy is you must first experience suffering. Sometimes the two can appear together like some unholy marriage of convenience. I am prepared for things not going according to plan, but I won’t relinquish my belief that the birth of my little girl is going to be my favorite day. We are bombarded by televangelists and the like telling us to have faith, and im not saying that I totally agree with their method but I must concur with their sentiment, but with a twist. In order for you to have faith in something higher you must first have faith in yourself; faith in your abilities, in your strengths, in your partner and faith in the future. To quote Timbuk 3 - "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades". So my faith remains unshaken by the what if's of this world. I must hold on to the belief that there is good in this world as well as bad, and I refuse to turn the birth of my child into another reflection on uncertainty. I claim this day as a good day, a joyous day, my favorite day.


Scribbit said...

Well done, congratulations on your future day--becoming a parent was the most memorable day probably. Very euphoric.

tootie said...

What a neat idea to write this blog for your daughter. You are going to be a great Dad!!

Daisy said...

I'm coming across this after Christmas, so I hope the delivery went smoothly and you have a lovely baby! My first was born two weeks before Christmas -- 21 years ago!