Friday, March 14, 2008

Like Father look like Daughter

Dear Daughter,

Mum said she saw you grab your feet for the first time. I can also hand you things to grab and you will hold them quite well. You are just on the threshold of figuring all this out. I love watching the concentration on your face as you look at the toys swinging above you. It is obvious you would love to grab them and stick them in your mouth.

I saw more photos that Grandpa brought over of me as a kid. Good lord do we look alike. If you stay looking like me I guess I can see what you will look like. I got my Dads shaped eyes, my Mums were much rounder, just like your Mum. You have my shaped eyes it seems. Is that a good or bad thing?

I must also point out that over the past two weeks something has changed in me again. I find now that I am just loving spending lots of time with you and don’t have that little pang of annoyance I was getting when you slept less than expected or whatever. Remember my earlier post about this? Now I am finding that I look forward to your waking up so I can kiss you and hug you and play talking games. Im really enjoying your company in other words. Perhaps this is just the normal progression of things. Firstly change can shock you and your mind rejects it, then after a while you get used to the new way of things and that becomes the new normal.

I am having more success at feeding you than Mum is at the moment, while she is having much more success getting you to sleep when you are in the cot. What a team.

Love Dad